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Parish Records: Your Ancestors in Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records from 1538 - 1837

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Shropshire *Parish Records Set 2*

Covers the parish records of Astley, Withington, Stirchley, Uffington, Ruyton-in-th-Eleven Towns, Leebotwood, Longor, Condover, Dawley Magna, Norton-in-Hales, Edgmond, Tibberton, Waters Upton, Great Bolas, Eaton Constantine, Fitz, Tong, Adderley, Great Ness, Kenley, Cound, Longdon-upon-Tern, Grinshill, Leighton, Atcham, Buildwas, Montford, Clive, Sheriffhales, Hordley, Myddle, Lee Brockhurst, Acton Burnell, Preston Gobalds, Wem, Edstaston, Newtown, Wroxeter and Hodnet. Approximate coverage 1600-1800

Acton Burnell 1569-1838
Adderley 1692-1812
Astley 1695-1812
Atcham 1621-1837
Brockhurst 1569-1812
Buildwas 1667-1837
Clive 1676-1812
Condover 1745-1812
Cound 1562-1812
Dawley Magna 1666-1837
Eaton Constantine 1684-1812
Edgmond 1669-1812
Ednaston 1712-1810
Fitz 1561-1812
Great Bolas 1582-1812
Great Ness 1589-1837
Grinshill 1596-1812
Hodnet 1700-1812
Hordley 1656-1812
Kenley 1682-1812
Leebotwood 1547-1812
Leighton 1661-1812
Longdon-Upon-Tern 1692-1810
Longnor 1586-1812
Montford 1573-1812
Myddle 1751-1837
Newtown 1779-1812
Norton-In-Hales 1572-1880
Preston Gobalds 1560-1837
Ruyton-In-The-Eleven-Towns 1719-1812
Sheriffhales 1557-1812
Stirchley 1718-1812
Tibberton 1719-1812
Tong 1602-1812
Uffington 1578-1812
Waters Upton 1547-1812
Wem 1582-1812
Withington 1591-1712
Wroxeter 1613-1812

ISBN: 9781861505101

Publisher: S&N Genealogy Supplies

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