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Parish Records: Your Ancestors in Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records from 1538 - 1837

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Hampshire and WOrcestershire Parish Records on CDWith the use of personal computers becoming more widespread, the best way to make the parish records easily accessible to the general public is to transfer those records from micro-fiche and film to CD-ROM.

S&N Genealogy Supplies, a UK-based family-run company, is a pioneer in this field.

The Parish Record images can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat browser provided with the CDs. They are bookmarked by area, enabling the user to locate their particular area of interest and the sub-district or piece number which covers that area. Once images are displayed on your screen, you can zoom in and out, move the image around, and even rotate the image 90 degrees, something that can be useful when printing.

What sets S&N out from the competition is the quality of their products. Each page has been scanned several times to get the best possible results. If some are missing or unreadable on the original microfilm or fiche, those images are obtained and included on the CDs

Recent Parish Record Releases on CD

  • Catholic Records: Recusant Rolls 1592-93
  • Yorkshire, The Records of the Parish of Whitkirk
  • Suffolk, Rushbrook Parish Records 1567 to 1850
  • Suffolk, Rushbrook Parish Records 1567 to 1850
  • Suffolk, Rushbrook Parish Records 1567 to 1850
  • more...

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