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Parish Records: Your Ancestors in Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records from 1538 - 1837

Parish Records - Reviews by Leading Genealogy Experts

March 2012

Catholic Records: Obituaries 1722-1839

Originally published in 1913 by the Catholic Record Society, this volume includes the obituaries of Catholic priests from 1722 to 1783. There are also obituaries of Catholic clergy (English and French) and religious women from 1773 to 1839... READ FULL REVIEW...

February 2012

New Data CDs

S&N's newest releases are sure to be a boon to your research ... READ FULL REVIEW...

Catholic Records: Miscellanea Vol III

Following Catholic Miscellanea Vol II, this CD contains early 20th century Catholic registers, along with some more unusual records... READ FULL REVIEW...

January 2012

Registers of the Cathedral Church of Rochester

This transcription of the parish registers of Rochester was originally privately published in 1892... READ FULL REVIEW...

December 2011

Catholic Records: Miscellanea Vol II

We looked at the first volume of this series in the September issue of FHM (200), and noted that it contained the first ever published record series from the Catholic Record Society. Hot on its heels, we now have the second volume in the same series, which was published in 1906... READ FULL REVIEW...

November 2011

Catholic Records: Miscellanea Vol 1

Clare Baranowski reviews this month's data CDs for family historians... READ FULL REVIEW...

Data CDs: New Releases

S&N Genealogy Supplies have added the following data CDs to their list... READ FULL REVIEW...

April 2011

The Parsons and Parish Registers of Medmenham

Matt Elton reviews this month's data CDs for family historians. READ FULL REVIEW...

January 2011

Wingfield Church Registers

This volume of information relating to the Suffolk parish of Wingfield was privately published in 1925, by Vicar Aldwell, the parish incumbent. It comprises a range of historical information, extracts from wills, transcriptions of parish registers and monumental inscriptions. READ FULL REVIEW...

December 2010

Wingfield Church Registers 1538-1838

This digital version of Wingfield: Its Church, Castle and College is a great way to access parish records. Starting off with a map and chapters containing short local histories, the bulk of the document is the 130 pages of baptism, marriage and burial entries. There's also a few pages of monumental inscriptions from the church graveyard and extracts from wills administered in the parish from 1375 to 1504... READ FULL REVIEW...

August 2010

Sussex Records 1438-1603

Those of you with roots that stretch back to 15th-century Sussex may find this latest offering from S&N particularly useful. The CD contains a PDF of a 1904 book published by the Sussex Record Society... READ FULL REVIEW...

March 2010

Churchyard Inscriptions of London

Given the disjointed nature of monumental inscriptions online, resources that cover a large area, such as this CD for London, are always welcome. The fact that this was originally published in 1910 and contains inscriptions of stones that have since been removed is a real boon for finding out more about your London forebears and their final resting places. READ FULL REVIEW

June 2009

Huguenot Parish Registers

When the Protestant Huguenots were expelled from France in 1685, they settled in various countries, including Britain. Here, they continued to worship in French in their own churches, and many of those church records still survive. READ FULL REVIEW...

May 2009

Cambridge University War List & St. Mary Le Bone Parish Registers

Claire Vaughan reviews this month's new data CDs for family historians READ FULL REVIEW...

January 2009

Clandestine Marriages in the Chapel and Rules of the Fleet Prison

The registers of the chapel of London's Fleet Prison, and of the chapel in its immediate vicinity, record the details of some 250,000 clandestine and irregular marriages that took place in the period between 1690 and 1754. READ FULL REVIEW...

December 2008

Huguenot Parish Registers 1684-1807: Bristol, Stonehouse, Plymouth, Thorpe-le-Soken

This CD contains two books of transcriptions of French refugee church registers originally published by The Huguenot Society of London in 1912. READ FULL REVIEW...

June 2008

London, Bishopsgate St Botolph Parish Records 1558-1753

These transcriptions were originally published in three volumes in the late 19th century, and comprise in excess of 2,100 pages. Precise coverage is: baptisms 1558-1690; marriages 1558-1753; and burials 1558-1752. Each volume is individually indexed. READ FULL REVIEW...

Spring 2008

Huguenot Parish Records 1684-1807

If you have Huguenot history, these records for the French refugee churches of Bristol, Stonehouse, Plymouth and Thorpe-le-Soken are worth consulting. READ FULL REVIEW...

April 2008

London Wills & Buckinghamshire 1935 Directory

A round-up of this month's top new releases in family history and genealogy. READ FULL REVIEW...

February 2008

Clandestine Marriages in the Chapel and Rules of the Fleet Prison 1680-1754

Mark Herber, solicitor; member of the Society of Genealogists and author of Ancestral Trails - the complete guide to British genealogy and family history, has transcribed a series of registers of clandestine marriages which took place in and around the Fleet Prison in London between 1680 and 1754. The original documents can be viewed at The National Archives. READ FULL REVIEW...

January 2008

Business matters, poll books, parish registers, and not so ordinary people

Kathy Chater gives the low-down on the latest CDs. READ FULL REVIEW...

Huguenot refugees in Southampton

This reproduction on CD-ROM of the Huguenot Society Register of Southampton: Births 1567-1779; Marriages 1567-1753; Burials 1567-1722 comprises a full transcription of the church registers of L'Eglise Wallonne de [the Walloon church of] Southampton (Volume 4). It was originally published in 1890, but retains the original French. READ FULL REVIEW...

November 2007

Discover it on disc

If you know where an ancestor lived, parish records, local directories and census returns are good hunting places, and many are now available on CD. Another good source for family historians is wills, and again more have been put on disc recently. READ FULL REVIEW...

October 2007

Grantham, Lincolnshire Parish Registers 1562-1632

This volume, originally published in hard copy by the Lincoln Record Society in 1916, contains a transcription of the registers of the Parish Church of St Wulfram in Grantham. READ FULL REVIEW...

September 2007

Parish Records for Surrey Volume IX - Article September '07

Track your ancestors back to the 18th century and earlier using Phillimore's marriage indexes to the parish records. The parish records covered in volume IX are for the parishes of Stoke D'Abernon 1620-1812, and Haslemere 1772-1812. READ FULL REVIEW...

August 2007

Dudley, Worcestershire Parish Registers 1656-1837

They cover nearly 200 years and contain over 3,000 entries of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials of Quakers, Congregationalists (Independants), Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists. READ FULL REVIEW...

Parish Records for Leicestershire, Volume IX - Article August '07

Track your ancestors back to the 18th century and earlier using Phillimore's marriage indexes to the parish records. The parish records covered in volume IX are for the parishes of Walton-on-the-Wolds, Quorndon, Woodhouse, Wanlip, Swithland and Humberstone. READ FULL REVIEW...

July 2007

Scotland, Melrose Parish Registers 1642-1822

These parish registers from Melrose in Scotland cover the years from 1642 to 1722 in a single, searchable PDF file with bookmarks. For family historians hungry for early Melrose data, the CD contains a chronological list of those who were baptised in that particular parish. READ FULL REVIEW...

Parish Records for Buckinghamshire, Volume IX - Article July '07

Track your ancestors back to the 18th Century and earlier using Phillimore's marriage indexes to the parish records. The parish records covered in volume IX are for the parishes of Broughton, Lathbury, Moulsoe and Newport Pagnell. READ FULL ARTICLE...

June 2007

Discs of Delight

Professional people, poll books and parish registers all appear in this month's CD round-up by Kathy Charter. READ FULL REVIEW...

Parish Records for Derbyshire, Volume IX - Article Jun '07

Trace your ancestors back to the 18th Century and earlier using Phillimore's marriage indexes to the parish records. The parish records covered in Volume IX are for the parish of All Saints, Derby 1558-1837. READ FULL ARTICLE...

April 2007

Ipswich Marriage Licenses 1613 - 1674

A digitally enhanced rendering of documents from the archives of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, chronicling official marriage licences issued from Ipswich Probate Court in the 17th century. READ FULL REVIEW...

March 2007

Nottinghamshire Parish Records - March 2007 Article

Use Phillimore's marriage indexes to track your ancestors back to the 18th century and earlier, before the census and civil registration became available. READ FULL ARTICLE...

November 2006

Bairnie and Tillydesk Parish Registers

Published in 1907 and attributed to the Scottish Record Society, this is a rare register of baptisms in the parishes of Bairnie and Tillydesk from 1763 to 1801. This could be a great help for finding residences of ancestors. READ FULL REVIEW...

October 2006

Shropshire Parish Records, Sets 1 and 2

Two seperate CDs, but sufficiently similar to be reviewed together. Each CD holds data from different parishes - both sets are PDF files, fully searchable, complete with bookmarks and interface. READ FULL REVIEW...

Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories 1621 - 1650

Acts of Parliament culminating in 1653 ruled that probates and letters of administration would only be legal if carried out by the Keeper of the Prerogative Court at Canterbury Thus we have Lancashire and Cheshire data on this CD from records at both Cheshire and Canterbury. READ FULL REVIEW..

December 2005

London Registers Set 4

This is a compilation of 12 individual Parish Register transcript CDs offering excellent value compared to the individual CD prices... READ FULL ARTICLE...

August 2005

Phillimore's Marriages on CD-ROM

These parish records of marriages- with, for some parishes, baptisms and burials- were transcribed by volunteers, edited by W P W Phillimore and Frederic Johnson and published by Phillimore and Co. in the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th centuries... READ FULL REVIEW...

February 2005

Indexes of Wills in the Yorkshire Register

New from S&N are these Indexes of the first 42 Registers of Transcribed Wills proved in the Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of York... READ FULL REVIEW...

January 2005

London & Shropshire Parish Records

Briefly described here are just two CDs from more than 27 for the English counties... READ FULL REVIEW...

December 2004

Leeds Parish Registers

This CD contains a transcript of the Baptisms 1634-95 and the Marriages and Burials 1619-95 for the parish church of St Peter, Kirkgate, Leeds... MORE

November 2004

Medieval Wills

Relatively few records survive from the medieval period; but as the introduction to Wills in the York Registry 1389-1652 (S&N £29.95) says, given the turmoil... READ FULL REVIEW...

Parish Registers - Leeds, Yorkshire 1619-1695

Contains baptisms, marriages and burials... READ FULL REVIEW...

October 2004

Wills in the York Registry 1389-1652

Released to coincide with the recent family history fair this may well help genealogists interested in early Yorkshire ancestors. The disc consists of eleven volumes of wills proved in the Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of York... READ FULL REVIEW...

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