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W.P. Phillimore
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Worcestershire Phillimore Parish Records (Marriages) Volumes 01 and 02 on one CD

Marriage registers for all the Phillimore Worcester parish volumes.

Alderminster 1613-1812; Alstone 1550-1805; Birtsmorton 1539-1812; Bradley 1630-1812; Bushley 1539-1837; Churchill in Halfshire 1564-1812; Church Lench 1702-1812; Cleeve Prior 1599-1837; Eastham 1571-1837; Elmbridge 1570-1812; Frankley 1604-1812; Hanley Child 1754-1836; Hanley William 1586-1837; Himbleton 1713-1812; Hinton in the Green 1735-1812; Huddington 1695-1812; Kempsey 1690-1812; Kington 1588-1836; Little Comberton 1540-1812; Little Washbourne 1550-1805; North Littleton with Middle Littleton 1662-1812; North Piddle 1571-1810; Offenham 1543-1812; Orleton 1760-1780; Orleton with Eastham and Hanley 1571-1837; Redditch 1808-1812; Rous Lench 1539-1811; Rushock 1667-1837; Shipston on Stour 1571-1812; South Littleton 1539-1812; Tidmington 1693-1812; Upton Snodsbury 1587-1837.

ISBN: 9781861502261

Publisher: S&N Genealogy Supplies

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